Mental Health Community of Hope (MHCH)

Overflow Foundation is thankful to announce the Mental Health Community of Hope (MHCH).

MHCH is a new approach to building community for people living with mental illness and their family members. Despair and hopelessness often grow in the absence of meaningful social connections. Statistics also show that being connected in the community where we live and work is a protective factor against suicide, and the more connected a person is, the less likely they will be to end their life. Yet people with mental illness lack safe, caring places to build and strengthen much needed social connections. Family members also lack safe and caring places to receive the encouragement they need to support their struggling loved ones. The solution is not adding more mental health professionals to the workforce, although there is a critical need for that. Overflow Foundation believes the solution lies in the faith community, which has a unique and often underutilized role to play in filling in care and support gaps left by government and healthcare systems.

friends walking arm in arm support for mental health Overflow Foundation MHCH aiken sc augusta gaMHCH will be a monthly gathering (4th Sunday of each month) beginning September 22, 2019, intended to help address the needs for that meaningful interaction described above, as well as provide accurate education for those living with mental illness and their families. We are praying that these gatherings will extend the radical friendship of Jesus by providing transforming love, support, and hope. MHCH is hosted by Overflow Foundation in partnership with Cedar Creek Church.

Date: 4th Sunday of each month, beginning Sunday September 22
Time: 3:00 – 4:30 PM
Location: Cedar Creek Church, Banks Mill Campus, 3001 Banks Mill Rd SE, Aiken, SC 29803

To view upcoming dates for MHCH or other Overflow classes and events, visit our Upcoming Events page.