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The day I found out about Phil I could do nothing. I put up all my work for the day and sat in a mourning silence. As I sat there, I thought about the happiness he brought to our community and how that translated in color. I felt there was nothing I could do…no words and no action to take that would take away any of the pain everyone around me was feeling as we all tried to process what happened. I felt God kept saying “Paint! Just paint!" So I did just that. I had no idea who the piece was for or if I would ever show it to anyone. I just simply painted and put on his soulful tunes. I chose colors that described his soul. Over time, I felt the need to share the image in hope that it would PHIL us with just a little joy, even for a moment, in the days that remain without him. His presence was striking and vivid and vibrant and I wanted the painting to offer that feeling that he gave to us that we all miss so much.

April Henry King, Artist, Augusta, GA